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CAITLIN WALSH, Healer & Author

Caitlin Walsh

"After 30 years I am no longer depressed!"


"I was in pain and couldn't walk for 15 years.
Then I met Caitlin and now I can walk!"


"My pituitary tumour disappeared with distance healing"

"Unbelievable! I have never met Caitlin
and she has changed my life!"




The Earth Guide Book: A Manual from Heaven
Angels of 9/11
Healing Meditations CD

It is no coincidence that you have landed on my site. You may be looking for healing for yourself or someone you care about. I have been working with spirit to help heal people for over 20 years and I am here to offer you any help and support I can. 

Amazing shifts can take place with the help of spirit and you will see the evidence of that all over this site. You don't have to see me in person you can receive healing from a distance no matter where you are in the world! Please know you are not alone and help is always available.


Wishing you love, light and happiness,




“The Angels of 9/11 is bathed in light.”


“I never read books, but this one I read almost overnight.  I used to be afraid of death. Now I’m not.  That in itself is amazing.”


“An absolute page turner.”


“I was so moved by the messages of hope and love that I cried more than I had in a long, long time.”


“It was like reading a Philip Pullman novel. I just wanted to read on.”


“I just cried tears of joy.”

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